About BioTrans

BioTrans Nordic – a green solution

Our company specializes in a complete solution for handling and recycling food waste. The system has been tested in many European industrial kitchens with great success and is now available in Scandinavia by Biotrans Nordic.

A wide variety of companies and industries gain several advantages by using the system in the kitchen daily. The concept is simpel and is based on a complete solution which contributes to a better working environment, easier work flow and economically beneficial waste management. Today, the Biotrans system is used by institutions, hospitals, hotels, restaurants and canteens.

Our employees have a technical background and a broad knowledge of  the industry so that we can provide you with professional consulting to accommodate the company’s needs.

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Are you considering recycling food waste in your business?

Contact one of our consultants at BioTrans Nordic for advice and clarification of the possibilities your company has for a more environmentally friendly and efficient handling of food waste.