Comments from customers

What does the customers say about the Biotrans system?

The Biotrans system fits into all kitchens

BioTrans Nordics’ food waste system fits into all kitchens. Today, customers from the restaurant, hotel and hospital industry have installed the food waste system as an integrated part of their kitchen process. Below, different customer’s comments about the food waste system from Biotrans has been gathered.


Fewer steps og less heavy lifts

 – We save a lot of steps to the waste containers outside. We got rid of the heavy lifting because we no longer needed to drag the food waste in giant buckets. We do not have any smell from the food waste in the summer and in the winter we do not have to go outside all the time while the cold gets into the kitchen, Head chef.
Hanne Jensen, Slagelse og Næstved sygehus` fælleskøkken (Sjællandske dagblad 2012)


– It has been well-functioning. The kitchen is happy about it. They are relieved not having to carry all the waste down to the basement into the waste room. That way, it has been very well-functioning. Rasmus Eisted, Rambøll (P4 Fyn 2013)


– A lot of waste shredders are vulnerable. If, for instance, a knife goes into the shredder it results in machine stop. And those incidents always happen a staturday evening when there is no technician at work. I was sceptic when I first heard about this system. But then I visited Slagelse Hospital which has two of these shredders, and then we tested the knife scenario. I saw how easy and quickly it was to extract the knife and the system could continue working afterwards.  
Head of Technique, Jan Brink-Pedersen, d’Angleterre


– The system will result in a simplification of the staff’s work flow as well as making a big difference for the working environment in the kitchen. This way, we get the best out of the food waste which is inevitable in a large kitchen like ours.
Head chef Morten Winther, Radisson Blu Aarhus (Aarhus Stiftstidende 2013)


– Before you knew it, one of those waste buckets weighted around 60-70 kg. and was about to overflow which meant that two men and a hand truck were needed to move it. However, now nobody get a sore back so that is fantastic. It is highly recommended. It is great that something so simpel and effective to work with exist.
Director Holger Brodersen, Hotel Christiansminde


– We can expect a significant saving. It means that the payback time on the system will be 2-3 years.
Technique manager Leif Christensen, Kold College (Restaurant og cafe 2013).
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Waste in the kitchen?

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