At Biotrans we work with the concept Triple Bottom Line, which means that we focus on delivering a complete solution to our customers which benefits both the environment as well as the social and economic concerns.

We focus on these three different areas in different ways, which results in many sustainable advantages cusomters gain from our solution. Examples of these advantages:


  • The solution from Biotrans reduces CO2 emissions in ways such as transportation and energy production. Our solution reduces CO2 emissions by up to 80%.
  • The food waste is recycled into green energy at the bio plants.
  • The remaining residual product is used as fertilizer enriched wiht phosphorus, which is brought back to the soil where it is vital for the fertility.
  • With a solution from Biotrans the focus on waste seperation is increased which leads to better utilization of ressources.


  • The food waste is disposed of directly in the kitchen which means the emplopyees avoid heavy lifting and handling of the food waste. This results in less wear and tear on the staff.
  • The solution is more hygienic as the food waste is handled in a closed piping system. This means that problems with pests and odours are avoided.
  • The working environment in the kitchen is improved and the workflow is simplified because the employees save time when they use the solution from Biotrans.



  • Kitchens, canteens etc. gain a green and sharpened CSR-profile when using our solution.
  • The expenses on transportation to and from the kitchens, restaurants and companies are reduced up to 80%.
  • The solution is profitable for the company because the investment has a short payback periode. The solution from Biotrans is significantly cheaper to operate than the usual food waste solutions, which are both old-fashioned, impractical and today quite unnecessary when looking at the Biotrans option.


Are you considering recycling food waste in your business?

Contact one of our consultants at BioTrans Nordic for advice and clarification of the possibilities your company has for a more environmentally friendly and efficient handling of food waste.