Get a sharpened CSR profile for your company

When the company handles its food waste in a sustainable way it results in a sharpened CSR profile. It shows that the company wants to position itself on environmental management. Today, more and more companies work with CSR in many different aspects – from environment and climate to work conditions and safety. A BioMaster supports these areas when the CSR profil is sharpened.

Recycling of food waste

If the company handles the food waste in an environmentally correct way, it can advantageously be used as part of a sharper CSR profile. It requires that the company ensures source separation of the food waste and that it is recycled at an approved facility from which it is utilized as biogas.

With the Biotrans solution it is possible to sort the food waste so that it can be recycled optimally. By recycling the food waste at a biogas plant, it produces twice as much energy of the waste compared to a common incineration plant.

Part of ISO 14001

With an ISO 14001 certification the company can document to have tested and optimally functioning environmental management system. It is not only an advantage for the environment but it also helps strengthen the company’s position on the market since such certification gives a trustworthy image.

The environmental requirements are constantly tightened, and the awareness of environmental initiatives is increasing. Therefore, it can be of great value to the company to show its surroundings that it is actively working towards a healthier and cleaner environment.

The Biotrans system secures both an effective and environment friendly disposal of food waste from industrial kitchens. Having the system can help the company get an ISO 14001 certification because the company can register the use of the Biotrans system in their annual green accounts.

Good for the environment and the employees

Furthermore, the company achieves several advantages related to the work environment be investing in a system from Biotrans. The system helps the employees to dispose the food waste in a safe way without straining the body.

– With a waste shredder placed in the kitchen the employees do not have to walk that far to dispose the food waste. Furthermore, we only need to have our food waste collected every other month due to the BioTank, Holger Brodersen, Director, Hotel Christiansminde.

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