The System

BioTrans systemet fra affaldskværn til genanvendelse til biogas

The BioTrans system is beneficial

Companies achieve several unique benefits with the BioTrans System. All employees in the kitchen get a more hygienic and easier workflow as a food shredder takes care of the food waste quickly and the waste is recycled into green energy used for heat and electricity. A BioMaster in the kitchen is a gain for all parties – from food waste to biogas. A modern and green solution for the disposal of food waste. Biogas plants are supplied with biofuels, CO2 emissions are reduced, food waste is recycled and the environmental objective is met.

Better working environment

Less time and energy are wasted on transporting waste into bins, and odours are avoided. Waste is poured directly into the waste shredder, which transports it through the system to the containers. The working environment is being taken care of while good working practices and hygiene is maintained.

Optimization of work processes

The logistics in a large kitchen are simplified and hygiene is given priority. There is no need to worry about filled waste containers and unhygienic bins which must be moved, emptied and cleaned daily to maintain a hygienic process.

CO2-friendly disposal of waste

Biotanks have a large capacity for storing food waste which significantly reduces transport. They respect the environment by being considerably more CO2-friendly. The bio-gasification process is actually 8 times more CO2-friendly than a coal-fired CHP.

Greener accounting and sharpened CSR profile

We document that the waste is recycled optimally, and the green numbers can be used in the company’s green accounts and sharpened CSR profile. The company’s sustainability credentials are enhanced by making this investment and dealing with social, environmental and ethical challenges in accordance with recognized principles at international level.

Economic solution

The investment in the BioTrans system pays back within the lifetime of the system. In other words, it is also a profitable solution. The system is significantly cheaper to operate than the usual food waste solutions which are both old-fashioned, impractical and today quite unnecessary when looking at the BioTrans option.


The process starts with a BioMaster food waste shredder.

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Are you considering recycling food waste in your business?

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