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Collection of food waste

BioTrans tankbil til tømning af biotank for biomasse

Emptying of biotank

When the biotank is 80% full we make sure it is being emptied. The waste shredder’s unique system let us know when it is time to empty the tank. We take care of collecting the food waste and transport it to the nearest biogas plant. In short, you do not need to worry about getting rid of your food waste.

A button on the waste shredder in the kitchen will show when the tank is 80% full. That way, the employee knows when the tank needs to be emptied.

“The company avoids spending time coordinating the waste collection and establish contact with the biogas plants”

A transporter will arrive to pump out the shredded food waste into a truck, after which it will be transported to the biogas plant.

BioTrans Nordic collaborates closely with several biogas plants and nationwide carriers which ensure the collection of food waste. Therefore, the company avoids spending time on coordinating the waste collection and establish contact with the biogas plants.

With a collection agreement at BioTrans Nordic, the company is guaranteed fixed and competitive prices.


The process continues with recycling for biogas plants.

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Are you considering recycling food waste in your business?

Contact one of our consultants at BioTrans Nordic for advice and clarification of the possibilities your company has for a more environmentally friendly and efficient handling of food waste.