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BioTrans BioMaster Highline affaldskværn

The BioMaster waste shredder

A BioMaster is a food waste shredder or a ‘Bio shredder’ as it is also called. The food waste is poured into the shredder and then goes through the piping system to containers, after which it is converted into biogas. It is an easy and hygienic way of disposing the kitchen’s food waste and leftovers. In comparison to the collection of waste in waste containers – also known as ‘porkpans’, which many kitchens still use today, a waste shredder is the modern, environmentally friendly and economical solution to the problem.

A BioMaster is an investment for the company. An investment in a greener future which not only benefits the company itself, but ultimately also the environment with reduced CO2 emission. With this concept there are in other words no losers, only winners.

Why is recycling of food waste important?

With the BioMaster, the process in the kitchen is optimized. All food waste is simply poured into the waste shredder and the lid is closed. The food waste is then mixed with a small amount of water and transported from the shredder into the closed piping system.

The BioMaster is a waste shredder developed with focus on robustness and is today the most powerful and reliable waste shredder on the market.

The BioMaster waste shredder is available in three basic models: Highline, Plus or Slim. The models each have their own benefits depending on the surroundings of the kitchen in which they are placed.

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BioTrans BioMaster tilpasset affaldskværn

Customized waste shredder

In addition to the three fixed models, the BioMaster is also available as a flexible and customized solution which can be tailored to local conditions and needs. For example, it can be integrated with conveyor belts and dishwasher from which the food waste is poured directly into the shredder. With such solutions, the BioMaster can still function as a general waste shredder if there is a need to shred larger amounts of waste under the lid. It is also possible to install more shredders in addition to the shredder provided.

BioTrans Nordic has good experiences with adapting the BioMaster to its surroundings, giving the company a tailor made solution which fits the individual kitchen’s conditions.

The process continues with the piping system.

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Are you considering recycling food waste in your business?

Contact one of our consultants at BioTrans Nordic for advice and clarification of the possibilities your company has for a more environmentally friendly and efficient handling of food waste.